Agility - Level Two

8 Weeks

The focus of this class is individual obstacle performance and jump foundation utilizing jump grids. Students will be exposed to all agility equipment including weaves poles and contacts at full height. Emphasis will be placed on weave performance and end contact behavior. The ability to perform all obstacles including 6 straight poles must be accomplished before preceding to the next level.


Requirements:  Dog must be at least 12 months of age.

Limit of 8 Students

Instructor:  Lori Callahan

Assistants:  Linda Truelson, Pat Siemer

Class Homework

If there is any homework assigned in your class, you can find it here by clicking on the dog. You will need a passcode provided by your instructor to enter this area.


NOTE: Spots are still available for the 7PM Level 2 class. 

THURSDAY 6:00PM - Level 2 Agility (1/7)

1/7/21 - 2/25/21 


THU 6PM Level 2 Agility


  • Not Available - Class is FULL

THURSDAY 6:00PM - Level 2 Agility (3/18)

3/18/21 - 5/13/21 (No Class 4/29/21)


THU Level 2 Agility


  • Available


THURSDAY 7:00PM - Level 2 Agility (1/7)

THU 7PM Level 2 Agility


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