Agility Instructors

Chris Anderson

Breeds Owned, Trained, Loved:

Shetland Sheepdog

Level 4 Agility

  • Instructing at USDTC for 7 years
  • Has taught Sub-Novice & Novice Obedience & all levels of Agility
  • Served as Agility Director, Board Member, Agility Trial Chair, Trial Committee & DACOF Team Captain
  • Multiple agility titles in AKC & CPE, RN

Lori Callahan

Breeds owned, trained & loved:

Golden Retrievers, Cocker/Mixes, Australian Shepherd, German Shepherd/Lab mix, All Americans.

Level 1 Agility

  • Has also taught Freestyle & Basic Obedience
  • Instructing for USDTC for 7 years
  • Seved as President & Obedience Director
  • Project Pup Ambassador
  • Member MDSA & WCFO
  • Foster for BARK Aussie Rescue
  • Volunteered for SPCA for 5 years
  • Past member APDT
  • CGC's with multiple dogs
  • Titles in Canine Freestyle, Agility, Rally, Tricks and Therapy
  • Owns(ed) Certified Therapy Dogs
  • Continues her education by attending seminars, private classes, reading and following organizations in her venues

"I feel that any dog can be a rock star when given the proper time attention and rewards. The efforts improve everyone's lives"


"I never thought I would compete in any dog sport. I just wanted to have a well balanced companion. My proudest moments in training came when I titled my Buddy who was extremely aggressive when I adopted him. He earned his CGC, RN & FD titles. I was moved to tears because training made him an awesome team mate and friend."

Theresa Colbert

Breeds Owned, Trained, Loved:

Shetland Sheepdog

Level 3 Agility

  • Instructing at USDTC for 16 years
  • Has also taught Puppy KPT & Level 2 Agility
  • Achieved CDX & Championships in Rally
  • Achieved Championships in AKC, UKC & CPE Agility

Theresa loves agility and brings 16 years of experience in the sport to the club. She has attended many seminars and continues to attend classes with local elite handlers.


"I enjoy teaching people to teach their dogs. It is so exciting to see their improvement and growth!"

Bethany Carvallo

Breeds Owned, Trained, Loved:

Poodle, Sheltie, Border Collie, Golden Retriever, Italion Greyhound, Afghan Hound

Just For Fun Agility

  • Instructing at USDTC for over 17 years
  • Has also taught Basic Obedience & Advanced Obedience
  • Has served as President & Board Member
  • Achieved Breed Champion, OTCH & MACH

Bethany wants to help people live and compete with their dogs & be the best team they can be, whether at home or in the ring.


Stephanie Cox

Breeds owned, trained & loved:

Australian Cattle Dog Mix

Just For Fun Agility

  • 2018 DACOF Team Member
  • Currently showing at the AKC Open level with her first agility dog & has another dog in training
  • Volunteers for Ewenity Farms Herding Dog Haven

Stephanie and her dogs simply LOVE doing agility together, and she hopes the joy they have while playing together on the course is infectious to others!

"I hope to instill in others what is for me the most important part of agility: the joys of having FUN with your dog!

I'm all about positive reinforcement! Not only our pups crave praise, but us handlers do too! 

I have two very different dogs in regards to personality and confidence, so I understand the training challenges this can present, and am always open to new ideas in order to make it a rewarding experience for all. I've taken several online courses for reactive dogs as well, and know first hand what wonders the confidence building sport of agility can do for reactive dogs."

Duane Crowell

Breeds owned, trained & loved:

Irish Setter, Beagle, Labrador Retriever, Shetland Sheepdogs, Australian Shepherd

Level 3 Agility

  • Has also taught Levels 1, 2 & 4 Agility
  • Member Project Pup
  • 4-time DACOF Team Member
  • Acheived AKC Master Agility on first-time agility partner's 3rd birthday

"I am thrilled for the opportunity to meet and work with all the great new friends I am able to meet as an instructor at USDTC, and the people are nice too! Come have a bonding experience with your dog and learn Agility"


Cooperation through communication, not confrontation.

Peggy Gelb

Breeds Owned, Trained, Loved:

Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Border Collie, Wire Fox Terrier, Shetland Sheepdog


Level 2 Agility

  • Member Alliance of Therapy Dogs, NASAR, National Asssociation for Search & Rescue
  • Cadaver dog education & training (NASAR)
  • Currently has a trained cadaver dog
  • Multiple herding titles including Herding Champion
  • Multiple agility titles including Masters Agility Championship (MACH) on two dogs
  • Current agility dogs showing at the Masters level
  • Qualified for AKC Nationals
  • Made the 2017 Invitational with her Wire Fox Terrier

Judy McCleskey

Breeds Owned, Trained, Loved:

 Australian Shepherd, Catahoula Mix, Golden/Chow, Boxer Mix

Level 2 Agility

  • Instructing at USDTC for 1 year
  • Has also taugh Level 1 Agility
  • Past & current Board member
  • Volunteered as rescue transfer at Pasco County Animal Services
  • Participated in International Finals UpDog Disc & Dock Diving
  • Achieved titles in Tricks & AKC Agility
  • Currently showing at the Excellent levek in AKC Agility

Robynn Modder

Breeds Owned, Trained, Loved:

Cocker Spaniel, Australian Shepherd, Border Collie, All American

Level 5 Agility

  • Instructing at USDTC for 14 years
  • Has also taught Puppy KPT, Basic Obedience & all levels of Agility
  • Served as Agility Director & Board Member
  • Served as Agility Trial Chair, Committee Member & DACOF Team Captain
  • Multiple titles in AKC, CPE, UKI, USDAA, NADAC, ASCA & UKC Agility
  • Other titles include CD & multiple Rally titles in AKC & WWKC, CGC, Tricks & WCFO Freestyle
  • Has fostered for ARPH, MARS & BARK Aussie Rescue
  • Has and continues to participate in online courses and seminars to further education in agility


Lisa Lanser Rose

Breeds Owned, Trained, Loved:

Border Collie, Wire-Haired Fox Terrier, Aussies & Catahoula Mixes

Just for Fun Agility

  • Also Instructs Tricks Class
  • Certified Trick Dog Instructor
  • Titled in Tricks and Obedience
  •  Trick Dog Champion
  • Certified CGC Evaluator
  • Volunteers/fosters for Ewenity Farm Herding Dog Haven, BARK, & The Dog Liberator
  • Member International Sheep Dog Society, American Border Collie Handlers Assoc., League of Humane Voters
  • Author of For the Love of a Dog

"I love dogs and people. I more than love Tricks. I believe it's a force of happiness in the world. My career is in education. Teaching Tricks brings it all together!"

"I'm a published writer and writing professor working on a book about Mick. Mick suffered a potentially fatal mystery disease in puppyhood and performing tricks actually helped save his life. You can learn some more about us at or a lot more about my career at"

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