Novice (CD)/Beginner Novice (BN)

Wednesday 7:00PM

Drop-in $15.00 Per Class

Please note: Due to Covid-19 class is limited to 8 students to allow for social distancing.

In order to reserve a spot, you must sign-up before attending this class.

Beginner Novice (BN) is the 1st titling event for AKC obedience competition.  Novice is the next level of AKC obedience following BN where your dog can earn a Companion Dog title (CD).  This class is a beginning competition level obedience class to help you prepare for these events.  Those who just wish to continue furthering your training to bond with your dog are also welcome to attend the class.  


You and your dog must have a good understanding of all basic obedience commands and your dog must have a reliable sit stay.  Exercises that will be focused on will include:  Sit for Exam, Stand for Exam, Heeling with and without BN signs, Figure 8, Novice Sit and Down Stays, Finishes, Sit get your Leash, Sit Walk Around the Ring and the Recall.


Prerequisites:  Basic Obedience graduation along with a consistent "sit stay" are required to attend this class and Sub-novice class (CGC) is recommended.  Please contact for more information or if you need help with class placement.


Instructors:  Jeff Rushe

Class Homework


Click on the dog to access any homework for this class. You will need a passcode provided by your instructor to enter this area.


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