Novice (CD)/Beginner Novice (BN)

Monday 7:00PM

Drop-in $15.00 Per Class

The instructor will set up signs for the Beginner Novice heeling exercise and students can choose to use the signs or have the instructor call a Novice heeling pattern for them. Students can choose to do a Sit for Exam, Stand for exam or both.  Novice students can do group sits/downs while BN students complete the Sit walk around the ring exercise.  All students will practice sit get your leash, recalls, and figure 8’s. 


Requirements: Dogs must have completed Basic Obedience. Sub-Novice is recommended but not required. Six foot leash is required.

Class Homework


Click on the dog to access any homework for this class. You will need a passcode provided by your instructor to enter this area.

Rotating Instructors:  Ken Stowell, Paula Castagno, Judy Dwyer, & Cherie Floyd


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Class Card


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