Rally - All Levels

Wednesday 7:00PM

Drop-in $15.00 Per Class

Now offering a split class with Novice/Intermediate in one ring & Excellent/Masters in the other ring.


Rally Obedience is a mixture of obedience and agility. The team of dog and handler on leash move continuously and perform the exercises indicated by the sign at each location. After the judge's "Forward" command, the team is on their own to complete the entire sequence correctly. Unlimited communication to the dog from handler is encouraged. Higher levels will be off leash and have jumps as well. This class will prepare you and your dog for competition at Rally Obedience trials but you don't have to have competition goals to participate in this class. 


Requirements:  Must have Basic or Sub-Novice Obedience training. 

Class Homework

If there is any online homework assigned in your class, you can find it here by clicking on the dog. You will need a passcode provided by your instructor to enter this area.


Buy an 8-week Class Card.


Class Card


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