About Sarah

Sarah runs Brilliant Dogs full time as her day job. She has been teaching dog training and agility part-time for over a decade. As a dog trainer, Sarah is analytical and focuses on what motivates each individual (human and dog). She believes there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to dog training and each team needs to be unlocked to reach their full potential.


Sarah has reached top level agility with many different types of dogs. Her first agility dog, Trinity, an Aussie, was very soft, hard to motivate and maintain focus. Many trainers shrugged and recommended a new dog, but Sarah stuck with Trin and achieved success on a national level making finals in both national events she entered, as well as a MACH and ADCH. Each of Sarah’s dogs has been a national finalist in agility. Sarah’s BC Kate achieved 3 national final wins in agility and 4 national final wins in disc as well. Kate was not an easy BC to handle in agility due to her extreme speed and forward nature, but using techniques specific to Kate, Sarah was able to achieve great success.


Some trainers who have inspired and shaped Sarah throughout the years: Wendy Pape, Mary Ellen Barry, Linda Mecklenburg and Janita Leinonen. She is familiar with Awesome Paws handling as well as One Mind Dogs and prefers to use techniques that the dogs understand naturally and that take little to no training. With her own dogs, she likes to have very strong obstacle commitment allowing her to get to where she needs to cue her dogs 2 obstacles in advance.She has worked with a variety of breeds, intimately trained/handled Aussies, BC, JRT, Whippet, Labrador and Poodle.

Cost:  Member $50 • Non-Member $65 • Audit $20

Advanced Handling

Saturday, 7/14 • 12:00PM - 3:00 PM

Sunday, 7/15 • 10:00 - 1:00PM

For dog and handler teams at the Open or Excellent/Masters level. Focus on finding the best line for your dog, understanding commitment points and getting ahead. Learning different handling strategies and how what you do affects the dog. Planning ahead so your dog has the clearest information possible. Sarah will work to the individual dog's level on each turn. 


Limit 8 dogs each workshop.


Saturday, July 14 • 3:30PM - 5:30PM*

For puppies 3 - 10 months. Learn how to engage with a young, distractible mind. Focus on games which create a bond while also building skills for a sports future. 


* Minimum of 4 dogs needed. If more than 6 dogs, time will be extended to accommodate. (Maximum 8 dogs/3 hours)

Foundation Handling

Sunday, July 15 • 1:30 - 4:30PM

Emphasis on handling cues needed to navigate a dog through an agility course, collection, rotation, turns and crossing sides. This workshop is for the dog & handler team that is preparing to, or currently showing at the Novice level. 


Limit 8 dogs.

Upper Suncoast Dog Training Club

2101 Logan Street

Clearwater, FL  33765

727-23-UPPER (87737)