Kelli-Ann Reilly & Lisa Lanser Rose

As many of you know, the Trick Dog Sport is booming, and our club is taking the lead in Florida. The Upper Suncoast Dog Training Club USDTC is proud to announce we're hosting the first Stunt Dog Trial in the state! Join Stunt Dog Judges Kelli-Ann Reilly and me, Lisa Lanser Rose for super-sweet, air-conditioned fun on August 17th, starting at 10AM until 3PM. Reserve your spot here! 

In the meantime, we're going to help you get ready to do your best and have a blast.



If you're wondering, a Stunt Dog Trial is simply a tricks competition in front of a judge before a live audience. Here's a demo of a Novice Stunt Dog performance.

Like Do More With Your Dog (DMWYD) Titles, Stunt Dog Titles transfer over to AKC titles and can be added to your dog's AKC name. That is, the AKC recognizes Stunt Dog Titles (learn more here.) However, AKC Trick Dog titles do NOT transfer to DMWYD. Corresonding DMWYD titles are prerequisites to compete in a Stunt Dog Trial. 


Get Ready

USDTC is offering a special tricks class focused on Stunt Dog Trialing Sundays at 2 pm from 6/9 - 7/21. We'll learn, build upon, and hone tricks at all levels, plus, we'll practice performing in the ring with our new Stunt Dog Trial equipment. Register here to join our class.


In order to compete in a Stunt Dog Trial, you need the corresponding DMWYD title. If you have an AKC Trick Dog title or feel ready for your next DMWYD title, you may come to one of USDTC's Trick Dog Title Workshops. Our assistants, Judy Dwyer and Cherie Floyd, will help you prepare, and I will officially evaluate your tricks for a title. Sign up for the first Trick Dog Title Workshop here. It'll be $15 or a box on a class card at the door.



You have to start at the Novice Stunt Dog level, which is a good thing, because Novice prepares you and your for all the basic elements, such as the perimeter walk and the send to a mark, as well as the equipment, such as the hoops and the Klimb pedestal. 


You can sign up multiple times to attempt multiple levels. For example, if you have your DMWYD Novice and Intermediate titles, you can register for two slots to earn your Novice Stunt Dog Title and your Open Stunt Dog Title.


If you have any questions, just reply here, and I'll do what I can to help.


Yours in positivity,


Lisa Lanser Rose

Upper Suncoast Dog Training Club

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