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USDTC has been in the Clearwater area since 1964. Our goal is to promote the Total Dog concept. We are a non-profit club with a large staff of volunteer instructors whose commitments to their own dogs’ accomplishments have educated them in teaching “total” responsible dog ownership to others.

Board of Directors 2019


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Board Members

Ken Stowell

Chris Anderson

Angela Newell

Bonny Thatcher

Heidi Buck

Janie Getz

Judy McCleskey

Lisa Rose

Maureen Cambier

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Conformation Director

Obedience Director

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Agility Registrar

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Sunshine Committee


Lorrie Limitone

Heidi Buck & Susan Wallace

Pam Perkins

Tracey Needham

Robynn Modder

Heidi Buck

Maureen Cambier

Barbara Sutton

Marie Miller

Donna Antol

Rebecca Avrin

AKC Member Club

Upper Suncoast Dog Training Club

2101 Logan Street

Clearwater, FL  33765

727-23-UPPER (87737)