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IMPORTANT: Payment must be made at the time of registration. If payment is not completed, we can not hold your spot in the class. Your registration will be removed and you will need to re-register and complete payment to be placed on the class roster. If you are having trouble with the registration & payment process, please contact us.

Level 1 Agility - 8 Weeks

This course is designed to introduce the basic groundwork that will lay the invaluable foundation for advancing agility classes. You will introduce your dog to flatwork, 2 on 2 off touches, weave entries, games that build drive and a reliable stay at the start line. Shaping exercises will be utilized to create a more operant dog. Most obstacles will be introduced in this class. 


Level 1 obstacles include:  table, wobble board, flat board, lowered dog walk, jump, tunnel, 2 X 2 weave poles, lowered A-frame, teeter.


Requirements:   Graduation from Basic Obedience as well as having your dog under voice control. Dog must be at least 10 months of age. 

Level 2 Agility - 8 Weeks

The focus of this class is individual obstacle performance and jump foundation utilizing jump grids. Students will be exposed to all agility equipment including weaves poles and contacts at full height. Emphasis will be placed on weave performance and end contact behavior. The ability to perform all obstacles including 6 straight poles must be accomplished before preceding to the next level.


Requirements:  Move-up approval by your Level 1 Agility instructor is required prior to signing up for Level 2 Agility. Dog must be at least 12 months of age.

Level 3 Agility - 8 Weeks

This class continues the communication and teamwork necessary to form a partnership with your dog in agility. The class will teach handlers the basics of handling skills and having the dog become proficient on all full height obstacles. Front, rear, blind crosses, focus, control, contacts and weaves are stressed. The class will also work on gradually increasing the number of obstacles your off-leash dog can complete in sequence.


Requirements:  Graduation from Level 2 Agility class or equivalent approved by instructor.

Level 4 Agility - 8 Weeks

This class will strive to create a winning team between handler and dog. Handling techniques and training exercises will be designed to help handler/dog teams become competition-ready at the Novice level (or equivalent). Students will learn course handling strategies, practice working your dog at a distance, distractions and building speed while managing your dog's performance for both safety and accuracy. Sequencing and course work will be utilized.


Requirements:  Graduation from Level 3 Agility class or equivalent approved by instructor.


This class will focus on handling skills to further your team's proficiently on Excellent/Masters and Premier style courses. Challenges are not limited to, but may include serpentines, threadles, back-sides, obstacle discrimination, advanced weave entries/exits & distance work.


Requirements:  Graduation from Level 4 or competing at the Excellent or Masters level.


Class will not be held unless there is a minimum of 3 dogs attending. Please sign-up no later than 5PM on the day before class. If class is not held and you are on the roster your payment will be returned to your account in the form of pre-payment or class credit for future use. 

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Please sign up online at least 2 hours before class start or you may be denied entry.

This class is for students who may not wish to compete in agility trials, but love doing agility with their dogs. Our Just for Fun class offers an opportunity to work on all equipment, bond with your partner, build your dog's confidence and give your dog an outlet for his energies. Emphasis will be on performing all obstacles in different sequences, courses and occasionally playing agility games. Class will be off leash and dogs must remain under control. 


Requirements: For safety purposes, dogs must be able to perform the equipment prior to entering this class. Level 2 Agility or equivalent with Instructor approval.

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