Therapy Dogs at USDTC

Happiness is a Well-Trained Therapy Dog


If you have ever wished to bring the joy to nursing homes, classrooms, libraries, assisted living centers, hospices, funeral homes, shelters, courtrooms, or anyplace people need comfort and a smile, Therapy Dog work might be for you. 


USDTC has partnered with Alliance of Therapy Dogs, one of the most trusted therapy dog programs in the nation. Alliance of Therapy Dogs is also one of the five organizations who helped launch the AKC Therapy Dog Title


We can help you get the best possible start in one of the most gratifying volunteer activities of all!


Study with our trained Therapy Dog instructors. We start at the club, then venture out to various public and medical locations to prepare you and your dog to perform Therapy Dog work in the real world. Our curriculum is designed in accordance with Alliance of Therapy Dogs, one of the most widely recognized certification programs in the United States.


While our expert training will prepare you to certify with any number of therapy dog registries, we offer testing through Alliance of Therapy Dogs. When you certify with ATD, you can rest assured you have met the highest standards possible. You and your Therapy Dog will be ready for anything!


Our Public Outreach Program ("POP Stars") will help you get involved with visits to schools, medical facilities, nursing homes, libraries, and other places where therapy dogs can offer comfort and joy. We have an active team of experienced therapy dog handlers, Joyful Paws Therapy Dogs, ready to mentor you.

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