Live the Trick Dog Life

USDTC has a vigorous Trick Dog Training Program that spans the lifetime of your dog. From Trick Puppy through Trick Dog Championships and beyond, you and your dog will never lack for quality bonding time thanks to tricks. In partnership with the AKC Trick Dog & Good Canine Citizen Program, as well as the world-renowned Do More With Your Dog program, you can enjoy dog training no matter your age, health, mobility, or ambitions. Train for the sheer joy of it, or train to win more ribbons, improve your obedience or agility skills, or join our Public Outreach Program "POP Stars" and put on trick dogs shows around Pinellas County.

Trick Dog Classes

Trick Puppy

Get your puppy off to a strong start with clicker training and a delightfully cute and useful foundation that will lead you and your pup wherever you want to go, from obedience to agility and beyond.


Novice to Expert Tricks

Tricks training creates a powerful working bond with your dog that benefits every facet of your life together. Make your way through the magical world of dog tricks by signing up for any of our tricks classes.  Master clicker-training basics in Novice/Intermediate, add behaviors to make your Therapy Dog even more safe, engaging ,and effective, or work toward the most spectacular crowd-pleasers in Advanced/Expert. Earn titles and impress your friends and family with trained behaviors everyone can appreciate.


POP Stars

Join our POP Stars to perform trick shows and educational dog-training demos for schools, fairs, parades, and other public venues. POP Stars are part of USDTC's dynamic Public Outreach Program (POP). We serve dogs and their people throughout north Pinellas County in accordance with AKC's Public Education and Canine Ambassador Program.

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