Manatee Fairgrounds, Palmetto

Mosaic Arena at Manatee Co Fairgrounds

1402 14th Ave West

Palmetto, Florida 34221  



Bob Jeffers & Lisa Rieves

Classes Offered

Friday:           T2B, All FAST, All STD, All JWW, Premier JWW

Saturday:        All FAST, All STD, All JWW, Premier STD, Premier JWW

Sunday:           T2B, All STD, All JWW, Premier STD


Your help is needed to make this trial a success! There are two ways to sign up. To reserve a specific job for a specific class, just click the button below to sign-up. If you prefer to volunteer for a time period, just e-mail us here with the day & time you are available. With this option you can request a specific job or let us choose for you. Don't worry, if you've never worked a trial before, on-the-job-training is provided and job descriptions are available. 

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